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Surveying with the 3D Laser Scanner

Laser scanning is a modern image production procedure for fast and precise three-dimensional surveying of any surfaces.

Advantages of laser scanning

Laser scanning is fast

Up to 500,000 measurement points per second are taken during a scan procedure. A complete scan has between 25 and 100 million measurement points depending on resolution. A scan procedure takes between one and six minutes.

Laser scanning is precise

The level of precision for a scanned point is ± 3mm.

Get the big picture

The rotation principle means that the surroundings are covered almost completely horizontally and vertically with a range of 360 . Subsequent onsite measurements are no longer necessary. Further dimensions can simply be extracted from the scan.

Non-contact measuring

The measurement is carried out without contact. This means that, among other things, it is possible to carry out measurements in dangerous areas. It also protects the object that is being surveyed from damage from survey work.

Independent of lighting

The measurement technique is completely independent of surrounding light conditions. The laser scanner can even register objects in total darkness. Dark cellar vaults or unlit tunnels are thus simple to survey. But it is also possible to use these systems to survey a street during the night if it has heavy traffic during the day.

Fields of application

    •    architecture
    •    cultural heritage
    •    archaeology
    •    industry
    •    forensics
    •    geology
    •    tunnelling

3D-Laserscan of a heritage-protected industrial hall
3D-Laserscan of a heritage-protected industrial hall
3D-Laserscan of a tunnel
3D-Laserscan of a tunnel
3D-Laserscan of a culturally valuable castle
3D-Laserscan of a culturally valuable castle
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